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Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service

Local tree removal service companies like Turf & Tree Worx provide services which are essential for maintaining healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing communities. Trees can provide shade, reduce air pollution, and act as a buffer against natural disasters. Properly removing trees that are dead, dying, or that pose a safety hazard is an important part of this process. Removing trees requires special knowledge and skill. Turf & Tree Worx is the best tree removal service company that can provide these services in a safe and efficient manner.

Know when to add by subtracting

The presence of large, mature trees can raise your property value up to 15% compared to similar properties without them. If that’s the case, why would you ever want to remove them? Because if a tree becomes damaged, dies, or threatens to fall over, it can become more trouble than it’s worth.

Removal tree service for dealing with pests

Dead trees serve as both home and meal for a number of species of insects. Some of them, like carpenter bees, are harmless. Termites, on the other hand, are among the most destructive of invasive species. You should look over the trees on your property regularly to check for signs of disease or infestation. Some signs that you may have a tree with an infestation or disease are:

  • Holes that were bored into the trunk of the tree. 
  • White spots and masses on the leaves and branches. 
  • Chewing leaves and branches. 
  • Sticky residue on the foliage. 
  • Yellowing of leaves.

Any of these indicators could mean that you have an infested tree. If it is severe, sometimes the tree can’t be saved. Tree removal service is the only solution in situations like these. If the infested tree is not removed, the infestation will quickly spread to nearby healthy trees.

Our Certified Arborist will make the call

After a comprehensive evaluation, our Certified Arborist will decide how to best treat the trees on your property. His decision will not be based on intuition or an unsubstantiated idea, but by a thorough education and years of experience that can’t be duplicated any other way.

Grinding the stump

After cutting down a tree, the last step is to grind up its stump. This extra step is required because the roots of the leftover stump will not stop growing just because the rest of the tree has been removed. They will continue to grow outward, breaking through any hard objects in their way. The only way to keep this from happening is to remove the stump entirely. It is then ground up.

The local experts in tree removal service

If you are looking for tree removal service, Turf & Tree Worx is here to help. In addition to diagnostics for your landscape, lawn, and trees, our Certified Arborist will examine the trees on your property at no additional cost. You can relax knowing that our recommendations are made by professionals who are knowledgeable in their field. If you’re ready to unlock the potential of your property, contact Turf & Tree Worx by calling (262) 675-2600 or filling out our online Service Sign Up Form.