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  1. Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  2. Drive slowly. …
  3. The normal dry pavement following distance of 3-4 seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds
  4. Know your brakes
  5. Don’t stop going up a hill

Driving during winter in Wisconsin can be a nightmare when you don’t have the option of staying home. Roads can look like daunting when they are covered with snow and your in back to back traffic at 7 A.M.

These tips are to help you feel more safe and confident when driving in a winter storm. Accelerating too fast can make your tires spin and even fishtail to the left or right and decelerating too fast can make your entire vehicle slide putting yourself and vehicle in danger.

Everyone wants to be like Dale Earnhardt on the roads when you are running late to work. But waking up earlier to take your time driving can give you a much better piece of mind.

Drafting vehicles is never a good idea but doing it during a snowstorm is an awful idea. Give the other drivers appropriate space to operate so it’s easier to share the road.

You should know how your brakes are in winter before you start driving in a storm. Maybe if you hit your brakes a little too hard you lose control of your vehicle and if you hit them too soft, nothing happens. Go and find an empty parking lot and test out your brakes to feel comfortable!

If you’re going up a hill, DON’T STOP! If you stop going up a hill, it’s pretty much a lock that you could start sliding back down.

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