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Lawn Care Services Milwaukee

Lawn Care Services Milwaukee
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Lawn Care Services Milwaukee

For 30 years, Turf & Tree Worx has been providing lawn care services Milwaukee can depend on. No matter which time of year it is, your lawn is in good hands when you entrust it to the professional lawn care staff at Turf & Tree Worx. Our comprehensive lawn care programs include mosquito control; soil fertilization treatments; and weed spraying for traditional lawn scourges like crabgrass. 

Since every home’s situation is unique, the lawn care regimen for each home has to be tailored to match the circumstances. We therefore invite you to give us a call at (262) 675-2600 to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Don’t let crabgrass make you feel crabby

Any package of lawn care services Milwaukee homeowners will want includes weed control. Crabgrass in particular is one of the most insidious garden intruders. The ideal time of year to deal with crabgrass is between July and September

At first glance, crabgrass looks very similar to regular grass. Crabgrass clusters near stone and concrete because it thrives in the heat, so be sure to check the grass near your walking paths. During its brief lifetime, one crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds. Crabgrass doesn’t produce seeds until summer, meaning there’s still time to stop the spread of crabgrass on your property before it becomes unmanageable.

Keep mosquitos under control

It’s bad enough to deal with biting insects on your own, but it’s even worse when you’re also responsible for the safety of a family and pets. Mosquitos in Wisconsin now have their longest recorded breeding season length, due to changes in the local climate. Ignore mosquitos at your own peril: they are known to be carriers of numerous contagious illnesses. Starting at just $95, our mosquito spraying and pest control service will clear out infestations of mosquitos, crickets, fleas, and other pests that take up residence in your yard.

Summer lawn care tips

Here are a few general pointers for keeping your lawn in good condition during the summer.

  • Water regularly:  Water your lawn thoroughly twice a week, if possible, to keep it green during the summer. Additionally, water individual dry patches as needed. 
  • Apply fertilizer regularly: When you sign up for our Gold Lawn Care Package, you’ll receive the optimal regimen of 2 summer fertilizer applications, a fall fertilizer application to prepare for winter dormancy, and a spring fertilizer application with pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  • Water early in the day: The ideal time to water your lawn is around 5 a.m., just before sunrise. This ensures your soil will be thoroughly saturated, while also receiving enough daylight to dry out before fungal infections can take hold.

Milwaukee summer lawn care

Turf & Tree Worx offers a comprehensive list of lawn care services Milwaukee homeowners need to properly care for for their homes. Your home isn’t just a place to live; it’s also an investment. Before ever setting foot inside your home, visitors to your open house will immediately see your lawn. With the extremely high demand from buyers in the local real estate market, shouldn’t you make sure your home is ready to impress potential buyers? Give your lawn the best care possible. Call Turf & Tree Worx today at (262) 675-2600, or fill out our Service Sign Up Form.