Get professional lawn care services in West Bend, Washington, Ozaukee, North East Waukesha and Northern Milwaukee County, WI

Lawn Care

Your Lawn Deserves Quality Care
No matter the size of your lawn, Turf & Tree Worx can provide comprehensive lawn care services that meet your needs. We offer:

📌Routine lawn care: mowing, weeding, edging, flower bed maintenance
📌Seasonal maintenance: fertilization and weed control, aeration, spring and fall leaf cleanup

Lawn Care Services Include
Fertilization & Weed Control
Aeration: We pull cores from your soil, allowing your soil to breathe and take in more moisture for healthy root development. Late August through mid-November
Post-Emergent Crab Grass Control: Disintegrates crabgrass within 10-14 days (applied July-September)
Gypsum Treatment: Reduces soil compaction while helping retain moisture
Lime Treatment: Raises the pH in the soil
Soil Testing (PH Testing)
Sulphur Treatment: An essential nutrient for vigorous plant growth. Releases nitrogen and helps decompose thatch. Also lowers the pH of the soil
Supplemental Potassium Application
Dormant Treatment: (Oct.-Early Nov.). Helps prepare the lawn for winter by developing stronger roots
Insect Prevention and Control
Control/Curative Grub Control
✅Disease Prevention and Control
✅Perimeter Pest Control (Insect)
Diagnosis & Consultation for Turf and Ornamental Problems (Free to existing clientele)

Dethatching, Lawn Installation

Leave your lawn care to the experts
Turf & Tree Worx can handle all of your lawn maintenance in West Bend, WI professionally, courteously and cost-effectively. We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet the seasonal needs of your yard to keep it looking its best throughout the year.Dethatching, Lawn Installation.Dethatching, Lawn Installation.