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*Mowing services not available in Waukesha or Milwaukee areas

Crab Grass Control

Every year crab grass is a problem even with pre-emergent crab grass control put down in spring. This is a point of frustration for us and the homeowners. This year, crab grass is a significant problem.

Crab grass, beyond minor courtesy spraying, should be addressed between approximately mid-July and mid-September. If it is not treated, it will turn purple, then brown, and die off in September. When it does, it reseeds itself and comes back worse the following season. Your lawn will also be brown and unsightly for the remainder of the season where crab grass died off.

We will not be on everyone's lawn by mid-September, especially Bronze Package customers. If you have crab grass and would like a quote for treating it, please call our office or email us to expedite your next visit for the purpose of quoting and treating your crab grass.

The best defense against weeds, especially crab grass, is to mow high; 3" to 3.75" for June, July, and August. Mowing higher keeps the soil cooler, which works with the pre-emergent, as well as helping to keep the lawn from drying out. A thick, dense stand of turf is the best defense.

September is the best time to seed thin areas and take steps to thicken up the lawn to prevent/minimize the same thing from happening next year.

If nothing changes for next season, crab grass will most likely appear again next season, regardless of timing, product, or service provider.

Bare/thin areas, areas along pavement or gravel coupled with mowing too short, promotes many types of weeds, crabgrass will be the most prominent and problematic within any of these environments and or practices. Crabgrass pre-emergent applied correctly,(timing, product, amount, etc.) doesn’t mean you won’t get crabgrass.

Crab grass usually starts late May, early June in our area as light, bright green tillers of grass as they are referred to
Crabgrass continues to mature and is more prevalent along paved areas, gravel areas and areas that draw more heat
Treatment is recommended or it will come back year after year and look unsightly from mid-September through of the end of the season

We generally apply our post-control crabgrass products from mid-July to mid-September. Which disintegrates the crabgrass in about 2 weeks.

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