Tree and Shrub Removal and or Pruning in West Bend, WI

Tree and Shrub Removal

Hire a local tree service company that has Certified Arborists on staff in West Bend, Washington, Ozaukee, North East Waukesha and Northern Milwaukee County, WI.

Whether you're dealing with a fallen tree or a lawn full of unruly bushes, the team at Turf & Tree Worx can help. Our comprehensive tree removal and tree trimming services include:

Pruning and trimming
✅Tree removal
✅Stump grinding
✅After-storm property cleanup
✅Diagnostic services

We do free diagnostics for your landscape, trees, and lawn at Turf & Tree Worx if you are a current and active customer. Contact our tree experts to schedule your tree trimming service from West Bend, WI; CALL (262)-675-2600 today.

Take care of your trees and hedges
Maintaining your trees and shrubs keeps them healthy and attractive. It can not only add to your personal enjoyment of the lawn, but also to your resale value. Turf & Tree Worx provides a full range of tree removal and tree trimming services for residential and commercial business owners throughout West Bend, Washington, Ozaukee, North East Waukesha and Northern Milwaukee County.

Turf & Tree Worx provides complete pruning and tree removal services for unwanted or damaged trees and shrubs, including storm damaged trees. Our estimates include site clean-up, chipping, and hauling away of brush and debris. From seasonal tree trimming to dead tree removal and stump grinding, our specialists will help you bring beauty and functionality back to your property. We have a certified arborist on staff for all of your total plant health care needs.

 📌Why? Pruning the tree improves plant health, as the tree will be more resistant to insects and diseases: it also provides filtered sunlight to the lawn and plants below the tree. Pruning the tree will improve the appearance of your home and help ensure the safety of your home.
📌How? Basin pruning consists of thinning, shaping, raising and removing dead wood. It might also include taking trees down.
📌What? Most trees and shrubs (contact us with any questions).

Reach out to us in West Bend, WI to learn more about our comprehensive tree trimming and removal services.